Tea Kit Bag
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How do you
 take your tea?
Imagine settling in for a long flight with your Tea Kit on your lap - with everything you need to brew your favorite tea...

... or having your special blend at work, ... at school, ... anywhere! 

Now you can take your loose leaf tea with you in a neat, convenient pack. Thistledown's Tea Kit Bag is designed for the loose leaf tea afficianado - to carry their precious leaf with them on the go.

(The "Brick", in "Red Swirl")

Kit comes with tea tins, but NOT any other accoutrement. Every tea drinker is particular about their brewing and drinking equipment, so we daren't presume. Fill the storage slots and pockets in the Kit Bag with your favorite accoutrement.

Available in these fabrics:


3-Grey BBall


5-Orange BBall


7-not available

8-Sunny Daz

9-not available

10- Hot Knobs


12-Red Swirls



15-Cool Knobs

Tin Roof Teas