How Hot is a HOB






The HOB is the latest in our line of tea warmers.  Like our tea cozies, the HOB will keep your tea warm for hours.

We have designed this product to appeal to the growing number of male tea drinkers. 
FINALLY men can enjoy hot tea too!!

The HOB is available in sizes 20oz and 40oz.

Size Guide:
- 20oz fits the "Stump" and "Whole Leaf" by For Life; "Personalitea" by Adagio (pictured); 4cup Chatsford (pictured)
- 40oz fits 42oz glass by Adagio(pictured on green Hob above), and fits the 6cup Chatsford

HOBs are constructed with two layers of high tech mylar batting. This batting insulates with both a layer of mylar reflecting heat back into the teapot and layers of polyester preventing heat conduction away from the teapot. This material results in superior heat retention.

The HOB has a bottom, also with two layers of mylar batting, acting as a built-in trivet. Once on, the HOB completely encases the body of your teapot, keeping your tea hot!

The HOB is extremely easy to use: slip the teapot between the two 'clam shells', flip over the top and clip together with the buckle.

The HOB comes in easy to care for fabrics - all are washable.

Why call it a HOB? First of all, the name "tea cozy" is just too feminine for this product. We went looking for something masculine to describe this tea warmer for men and found "hob". The dictionary definition for "hob" is "a shelf in the back of a fireplace on which to place things to keep warm"; and "hob" is a British colloquialism for a stove top. Appropriate a word for a product that works so well to keep things hot. .. and very manly!
suggested retail: $35-40
begin steep

after 5 min

after 30 min

after 60 min

after 90 min

after 2 hours
Heat retention experiment done using a 40oz HOB on a 6cup Chatsford teapot.
HOBs for Her
A lot of interest in HOBs from the ladies too, but with comments like "I would like more feminine colors". We thought we'd better create HOBs just for Her.

suggested retail $32-$40
 Polka Dots, geometrics, and ultra-suede in pink.
Slate 20oz shown on Chatsford 4cup (foreground) and Adagio's PersonaliTea (background)
"most certainly not your grandmother's tea cosy." TeaGuySpeaks
"It looks cool"  World of Tea
"I love them!"  Tea for Today
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 Men and Tea article.
The HOB wins 
at the 2010 World Tea Expo
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