Step 2: Cutting
First iron the fabrics flat. Stack fabric in this order: batting on bottom, outside fabric facing UP, inside fabric facing DOWN. 
Place pattern on this pile and secure with pins. Cut at  1/4" past the edge of the pattern. (1/4" seam allowance)
Step 2: Cutting. Press all fabrics flat. Lay out the pattern pieces on single layer of fabric as shown. The extra three strips are to frame the Ohio star: cut one 3"x the width of the halfmoon; cut two 2"x the height of the halfmoon.

STAR: construct as per instructions on this page:
Free Quilt Patterns Star Blocks             
or follow diagrams below.

Cut front of tea cozy from completed quilt block.
Step 3: Sewing.  a)Stay stitch lining to batting a scant 1/8" from edge to form inside set.  b)Stitch one insides to one outside fabric along bottom edge; repeat for other side.
c)Open up sides to form an oval. Stitch  together around the whole oval leaving a turning hole somewhere on the inside set - carefully match center seams as you go.
d)Turn through hole, stitch hole closed, tuck lining up into outside layer.
Finish by sewing a pair of buttons on the top of the cozy and attach a tassel.

"Homemade" Drip Catcher
With a flower attached, or without
This is a short piece of food safe vinyl tubing ( from the plumbing department at Home Depot.) cut at a 45 degree angle. The sharp edge seems to work very well at preventing drips from forming.

Hot water makes this vinyl very soft; leave in a cup of hot water for a minute until it softens enough to slide over the end of the teapot spout. It will tighten up as it cools holding it fast to the spout.

The tubing comes in a coil; to straighten it out, submerge it in very hot/boiling water.
To work correctly, the 45 degree angle cut must be clean and sharp on the tip. To get a cleaner cut use a very sharp knife, and freeze the tubing so it is very rigid during cutting.
a) Stay-stitch the batting to the lining
b) Sew the outside fabric to the inside 'set' along the bottom.
c) Open to form oval shape. Put right sides together and stitch around the edge - leave turning hole
d) Turn, stitch hole closed, tuck lining up into itself. Finish with buttons and tassel
Sewing a One piece wrap-around tea cozy:

- 1/2 yard of outside fabric
- 1/2 yard of inside fabric
- 1/2 yard of quilt batting 
- 50" ribbon
- a device to draw an 12-18" perfect circle
 (pin and string, large bowl, trash can lid)
Sewing a Traditional tea cozy:

- 1/2 yard of outside fabric
- 1/2 yard of inside fabric
- 1/2 yard of quilt batting 
- 1/4 yard of each light, dark and medium value fabrics for star
-  Buttons , tassel, ... whatever you would like to top the cozy.

Step 1: Making the pattern. Measure your teapot height to top and width from handle to tip of spout. Add two inches to each side and two inches to the top. Draw a half moon this size on grid paper.
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Draw the circle and then turn it into an "apple core" shape by taking a 'bite' out of either side. Do this by cutting out the paper circle, folding it in half, marking the width of the teapot base at the center of the folded side ( see black line in drawing ), and cutting out a quarter-round shape out of the pattern as shown. Open up the pattern to an apple core shape.
Step 1: Making the pattern. Measure your teapot height to top and width of base to determine how large the circle needs to be. 
Height+height+width = diameter of circle.
Step 3: Sewing
LEAVE fabric stacked as cut but remove the pattern. Re-pin. 
Sew at seam allowance around the edge leaving gaps where shown in diagram. (the gaps are for the eventual ribbon casings and to turn through) The small gaps need to be the same distance from the top at all four corners; the hole needs to be wider than your ribbon; the closer to the edge, the less 'ruffle' you will end up with.

Clip the corners.
Turn through the big gap.
Top stitch to form casing lines, making sure that they are even, and hit the gaps.
Stitch closed the big gap.
Thread the ribbon through the casing lines and draw tight to gather tops.

Tea cup Saucer Tiered Tray
Stack coordinating saucers to create unique tiered trays for afternoon tea treats.
Drill holes in center of coordinating saucers, and attach purchased tiered tray hardware.

- orphaned saucers
- hardware ( available from Magpie Marketing )

- Dremel with ceramic cutting bit
- marker to pinpoint exact center of saucer

Mark exact center of saucer; drill hole with Dremel - big enough to JUST fit the hardware screw studs.
Attach hardware.
Teapot Lamp:

-  1,2 or 3 coordinating teapots you are willing to sacrifice
- saucer (or base below)
- shade
- lamp hardware: threaded rods of various sizes, 6-8"harp, socket, wire with plug, nuts, lockwashers, connectors, base, finial. all available at these websites: Grand Brass or Lamps

- Dremel with ceramic cutting bit
- marker pen
- flat head screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver
- hammer

Mark center on bottom of lamps and saucer. Drill holes to just fit the threaded rod. 
Remove lid knob by scoring edges then knocking off with a quick solid tap with hammer.
Drill a hole along the edge of the saucer to fit the wire. This hole MUST be very smooth so there is no possiblity of wire wear.

Stack teapots and saucer onto the threaded rod, using connectors if necessary, secure with nuts.

Use nuts, lockwashers and connectors whenever necessary to make sure everything is tight.

Thread wire up through hole in side of saucer and up rod.

Attach harp bottom, then socket to rod and wire as per manufacturer's instructions.

Install lightbulb, shade and finial.
Tea cup Light
Transform teacups into small mood lights.

-  2 coordinating teacups that
     you are willing to sacrifice
- lamp hardware: threaded rods of 
various short lenghts, xSmall harp, 
candleabra socket, wire with plug and 
switch, nuts, lockwashers, connectors,
 base, finial. 
all available at these websites:
 Grand Brass or Lamps

- Dremel with ceramic cutting bit
- marker pen
- flat head screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver
- pliers/wrench to fit nuts

Mark center on bottom of cups and saucer. Drill holes
 to just fit the threaded rod.

Assemble the lamp hardware and teacups from the 
bottom up: nut on rod, lockwasher, base, saucer, 
cup, nut, harp, nut. Tighten.

Thread cord and assemble socket as
per manufacture's instructions.

Attach second cup to finial bolt and 
top with finial.