The Company
Thistledown has been in business since 1995, manufacturing tea cozies and tea accessories for the tea industry. Our customers include tearooms and tea related gift shops. We are wholesalers only. Our products are sold to the public in fine tearooms around the world and on the web by a few of our customers.

We are a small cottage industry in Southern New Hampshire, USA. Because of our small size we are able to offer personalized service, and flexibility in our products.

The Owner
Hello, I am Annelise Pitt (nee Christensen) the owner of Thistledown Cozies. Being a Canadian, I have "drunk enough tea to sink a battleship". All that tea has not made me an expert on tea, but my knowledge of textiles, and many years as a tea cozy producer, have made me an expert in how to keep that tea hot.

My textile and stitching history is a little atypical for this century. I had the good fortune of spending my youth surrounded by skilled seamstresses and craftswomen, absorbing knowledge. These ladies knew everything: sewing, crocheting, lacemaking, gardening, canning... They could raise sheep, shirr them, card the wool, spin it, and knit a sweater. 
Knowledge passed from generation to generation by women with skills.

My conventional education includes studies in Fine Arts and Art History. Fine Arts run in the family. Two of my siblings are working artists: Kim Christensen (Vancouver) and Kathrine Christensen (Ottawa)

I am the designer of all of the products we market. My training at the knee of expert seamstresses, background in Fine Arts, passion for fabrics, and insatiable desire to create, have combined to produce the most beautiful, and very highest quality tea accessories.

Annelise Pitt
Our Mission
Thistledown Cozies' mission is to produce the best possible products for our customers in the most responsible manufacturing environment.

When designing our products, "Form and Function" is the mantra.  Every single one of our items must look good and work well; that means that our cozies and HOBs will keep your tea warm for hours.... look fabulous .. and be easy to care for.
We care deeply about responsible manufacturing. We are concerned about the working conditions and wages of our stitchers. All Thistledown products are made in the USA by skilled seamstresses. All of our contract stitchers work out of their homes, not in sweat shops. We pride ourselves in the quality of work of these talented ladies and pay them well. As a result we attract the best talent and it shows in every item we sell.

We base our pay scale on the concept of a "Living Wage". For more information on this responsible practice see:
Find a Living Wage calculator on this site. Please take a moment to become informed about the discrepancy between 'Minimum Wage' and a 'Living Wage'; and about the impossibility of existing on such low pay.

Good Deeds
Being hopeful quilters ourselves, (we hope to find time to quilt some day),  we cannot stand to waste even the tiniest scrap of fabric. 
  • Excess fabric is donated to the Linus Project. This worthy organization creates quilts for seriously ill children. 
  • Thistledown also donates our excess materials to local quilt guilds and individual quilters.

If you would like more information about obtaining some of our beautiful "scraps", contact us by email, or at 1-877-890-9106.

Find some craft projects on our "Craft" page. 

On Broadway (aka The best tea cozy story EVER!)

My Broadway adventure began with Tea in the Astor Court at the St. Regis with my husband Charlie, my brother-in-law Morison Bock, and siblings Kathrine, Jeff and Jean.  The St. Regis in NYC  is one of our clients.  Be sure to order tea from room service so that you can enjoy a piping cup of hot tea that stays warm with a lovely Thistledown Cozy.

Soon after the wonderful tea at the St. Regis, we started the Broadway part of our trip. We saw 'The Producers' (hilarious), and then on the recommendation of Mo, actor/playwright, who had heard wonderful things about it, we saw 'Doubt'. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, but the very best part was about half way through, when they were serving tea - from a teapot with a cozy - YES! - a Thistledown cozy!!  I was beside myself - totally gaga! What a thrill - on Broadway - wow!

The stage manager in NYC was nice enough to talk to us after the show, even bringing the cozy out for us. In appreciation I sent off a box of Thistledown cozies to the theater. I was told that the cast: Dame Eileen Atkins, Ron Eldard, Jena Malone, and Adriane Lenox, all took home a Thistledown Cozy. I can only assume that now there are Thistledown Cozies in Hollywood too.

"Doubt" then went on tour. The production manager graciously invited me to see the show and meet the cast when the show was traveling through Boston. I again had the thrill of seeing my "cozy that made it big".

The cast for the touring show included the extraordinary Cherry Jones. She was in the original cast on Broadway, and won a Tony Award for her performance. I had the privilege of seeing her, and the extremely talented Chris McGarry, Lisa Joyce and Caroline Stefanie Clay in this riveting play. It was even better the second time around.

Annelise PItt and Thistledown Tea
(wholesale only)

One Baker Road
Windham, NH 03087
My husband Charlie, myself, and brother-in-law /actor/playwright Morison Bock
Cherry Jones, famous actress, with her own Thistledown cozy, and me, backstage at the Colonial Theater, Boston.
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